Friday, 30 December 2011

The Country Fox

The fox stowed away on “The Pilgrim”, the trading ship of Richard Henry Dana Jr. How he strived to get away from his family who lived in the thickets of Massachusetts. They wanted him to be a hunter just like his father, his father’s father and his father before him. Though it be only by hunting that he came to have that notorious patch on his eye, the fox was really a pirate at heart! He longed to feel the spray of the sea in his face not to mention the excitement of finding all the rare and lost worldly treasures!
               Making way from Boston harbor, stowed away aboard “The Pilgrim”, bound for California, the fox set out with his passion to plunder and pillage. He found treasure from Monterey to San Diego, but his favorite harbor was the same as the learned Richard Henry Dana, Dana Point.
               “The Pilgrim”, well she is now permanently docked in Dana Point and serves as a learning vessel. The spirit of the fox lives on today, and for a fair price, allows us all to enjoy in their pirating efforts. The ancestors of the fox are still bringing fantastic treasures back from harbors near and far to our store, The Country Fox.
                Enjoy our site and treasures, for ye are now an honorary pirate fox. Welcome aboard matey!

Since 7 years for now, when we have had a change to a new management, we have emerged the single compatible daily utilities provider and the store has became a real Harbor treasure with more upscale merchandise at an affordable and reasonable price in Dana Point continuously making live the legacy of Richard Henry Dana Jr. The swimsuits and lifeguards designed with conscience for safety of the Californians. Then there are comfort and designer shoes best suiting your desires, conveniences as well as your fashion statement. On the line, there are scarves of the latest trends that can leave one mouth-open; hand made by artisans in California. Among the other utilities are craft special candles with amazing fragrances and greetings for any event that will leave dumb struck any, whether you or whom you gift to. A perfect reminder of the traditional good old days, come The Country Fox to experience the difference.

The Gift Store cum Department Store at Dana Point, California, USA The Country Fox's Products:


Dana Point has a long tradition of seafaring activities, parasailing and all those entertainments related to its beaches characterized by nearly seven miles of prominent coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific. The fox is living by what it vowed to. Its beaches and harbor attracts thousands of visitors annually for sport fishing, bicycling, parasailing, other seafaring activities and a host of recreational activities.

Footwear Product:  

At The Country Fox, its artisans work for delivering the finest and most notable foot wears for the American feet. The fox believes in one statement, “Comfort should never be compromised”.
The Country Fox delivers foot wears from two brand chains.
Fly Flot is the leading European styled traditional foot wear designed with the quality and craftsmanship combining quality, comfort, technology and style to bring out the best in foot wears.


At The Country Fox 100% hand woven scarves in line with the fast changing fashion statement of today’s Americans are offered at a price that can beat even the cheapest in the city around. Designed and made by Martin Venzal, a well known artist in California, these scarves are hand created and hand dyed with special mixtures of dyes using eco-friendly natural dyes including tea and plant dyes. Each coloration and shade gives a perfect blend of ethnicity and audacity of the American Culture which imparts them their true colors and uniqueness. Each scarf is one of its kind, hand cut and fringed.


Old world Craftsmanship meets enthusiasm with best methods and practices of candle making to offer you with truly unique candles with amazing fragrances. Using a high quality soy wax blend and premium fragrances, each Woodwick candles at The Country Fox are crafted with utmost care. Again experience meets devotion at the hands of our candle-makers passionate about making the best candles available around. The Woodwick candles features a natural wick made from organic wood that produces a soothing sound of crackling fire with exceptional fragrances that can incite a longing and a loving in anyone.

Greeting Cards:

Sometimes a greeting card can say way lot more then what words can. Sending a greeting card embraces the reader in itself with a strong message that “I was, I am & I will be”. It makes one feel loved and appreciated. When it comes to greeting cards and wishing cards, The Fox stands alone. The store has a bulk of such perfect greeting cards so whatever be the occasion, be it celebrating a special moment, or comforting a loved one, or making someone laugh, or making one feel that ‘you are on my mind’, The Country Fox’s greetings just go hand-in-hand.